September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 | Michelle Wilkinson | Marketing Manager

Brewster Home Fashions recently selected Spinnaker Support to displace SAP ongoing maintenance for a variety of reasons, including lower cost for more personalized service. Like many organizations, Brewster was forced to deal with the loss of a valuable SAP IT resource. Replacing IT staff is quite common – i.e., for retirement, defection, or redeployment – and the knowledge lost can prove quite difficult to re-capture or duplicate.

Having dedicated, loyal, and long-term employees is crucial for any organization, but change is inevitable. How would your organization ensure a smooth transition in this situation? Would you train internal personnel? Would you hire a full-time replacement from the outside? Or would you outsource from a third-party to replace the experienced team member? For the record, Brewster lost a strong generalist responsible to maintain and manage their business-critical SAP R/3 4.7 enterprise application.

After significant due diligence, Brewster Home Fashions selected Spinnaker Support to provide premium SAP support for a fraction of the price they were paying SAP. In addition, application and technology managed service resources from Spinnaker Support are available to help fill the void left by the exiting employee. Subsequently, Brewster has gained access to a powerful team of experts, proficient across SAP applications and functional modules. Spinnaker Support resources are injected as needed by a seasoned Account Service Lead (ASL). With over 19 years of average experience, this team detects and corrects issues quickly to keep the SAP system software operational, compliant, and adaptable on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis. The collective domain expertise of the team provides an increased level of technology advisory to help with issues related to interoperability, security, cloud migration, and tax and regulatory compliance updates. This Spinnaker Support team soon is quickly earning trusted advisor status while keeping SAP applications in top form.

As a 5th generation family-run business, Brewster’s decision ultimately came down to trust, flexibility, and peace of mind and Spinnaker Support resources have met all challenges thus far.


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