February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 | Kurt Moydell | Vice President, Sales – Americas

Recently, I came across a surprisingly pointed paper from Accenture’s information technology team titled, How Software Maintenance Fees are Siphoning Away Your IT budget – and How to Stop It. Reading the document I was struck by the thought that this was the first time I had seen a leading global management and services firm, often viewed as tightly aligned with the software publishers, provide succinct industry analysis and salient counsel on managing the high cost of software maintenance and support.  Accenture’s assessment suggests that 50 to 60 percent of software spend goes to maintenance and support but that many of these dollars are wasted. Their studies find that up to $12 billion is wasted on maintenance fees for shelfware alone.

Their causal analysis is spot-on and leads to Accenture’s three-pillared solution recommendation; take control of the initial buy, leverage the renewal process to right-size the support agreements, or consider third-party support.

Spinnaker Support’s more than 400 customers are realizing significant financial and service benefits… and are a testimony to the fact that third-party maintenance is a proven and viable model. I highly recommend you read Accenture’s paper.


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