May 17, 2016

More and more businesses are looking at the advantages of a database managed services contract. It makes good business sense, it makes good technical sense, it makes good administrative sense. Here are five reasons to consider.

  1. Round the Clock Availability. Is your database administrator available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? What if you have a data emergency when he or she is on vacation? With a database managed services contract, your database administrator is there regardless of business fluctuations, holidays, or time of day.
  1. The Global Talent Shortage. Your database needs to be under the care of staff with responsibility for capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, backup, and data recovery. Can your organization afford a team including a specialist in each of those ten areas? At Spinnaker Support, we cover our clients for all those specialties.
  1. Cost. How much are you paying in salaries and other costs of employment for your database administrator(s)? Much more than you would pay on a yearly contract, believe me. Another consideration: What is the cost of downtime? Measure it in lost revenue, regulatory fines, and expenditures on remediation. Under a database managed services contract, you are a) unlikely to ever suffer downtime, b) not liable for the costs of remediation, and c) able to get up and running again quickly in the unlikely event it happens, and usually fast enough to prevent the costs of lost revenue and regulatory fines.
  1. Platform Flexibility and Currency. Your business may be using Oracle, SQL, SAP, or whatever. But chances are, you are using the platform you are using because it’s the platform you have always used. With a database managed services contract, these platforms are being actively managed and monitored, while you can explore new and exciting things. Is your database platform up to date? Given the requirements of security and stability, you can’t afford to be running outdated software, but most businesses find they also can’t afford to be the first organization to test out new versions and updates. Your database managed services contractor (particularly if you choose Spinnaker Support) knows how to walk this tightrope.
  1. A Single Point of Contact. When you have data problems, you want a single point of contact. You don’t have the time or energy to for a lot of finger pointing among your programming, maintenance, or operations staff. A managed services contract provides his single point of contact and a piece of mind..

With combined experience in database management and support, the Spinnaker Support team taps into a broad range of database experience to fully service your needs. We save you time and money on database managed services, and we provide you with critical support as well as vital maintenance. Our monitoring methods let us manage system alerts before they become larger issues, so we respond quickly and proactively to unexpected events at all hours of the day.

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