May 27, 2016

May 27, 2016 | Adriana O’Brien | JD Edwards Senior Application Support Analyst 

I am proud toJDE Support team member, Adriana O'Brien say that I have been here since the beginning of Spinnaker Support. Being part of the first wave to start the JD Edwards (JDE) Support Services team back in September 2008 was a great opportunity in my life. Spinnaker already had the Supply Chain Management (SCM) business up and running. I was part of the group that set the base foundation for the company’s support policies and procedures. In the first 90 days, we were communicating with customers all day long to get them transitioned and set up with Spinnaker Support. It was a rewarding challenge to be a part of the creation of this brand new division at Spinnaker, and now 8 years later, I love to see how much it has grown and evolved, expanding our support to other Oracle applications and technology stack and SAP – and even extending into managed services and consulting.

The Award

Winning the Stevie Award for “Customer Service Team of the Year” is a real honor. When I heard about this, I thought this award just further validates Spinnaker Support’s processes and the effort we’ve put forth since the very beginning and have perfected throughout the years. We were chosen from among 3,400 nominations from organizations of all sizes and industries. This is incredible. It is funny because several years ago when our processes so easily passed ISO 9001:2008 certification, I thought the same thing – “We did it right from the beginning.”

We have watched our vision since inception become a reality and now here we are, winning a prestigious award for customer growth, satisfaction, and loyalty – through great effort and teamwork. Spinnaker Support is always driving forward into the wind and is strong like a ‘SPINNAKER’ sail.


Our team has always worked by this motto – “we will win as a team.” We solve problems for our customers as a team.  The teamwork that we have within Spinnaker Support is the secret to our success. No one tries to outdo another or fix a problem alone. We all have complementary skills, so we use that to our advantage to come up with creative and individual fixes that are best for each unique customer.

I really love working with my Spinnaker Support friends. There is a great work environment, and our management understands and appreciates the human side of its employees. It makes us more loyal without a doubt. Spinnaker Support is a solid company with high integrity. We value teamwork and we care about each other. Management does a lot to keep us together and to show their appreciation for their staff.

Because Spinnaker Support has motivated employees, it shows in the work we do for the customers, which in turn translates to very highly satisfied clients.  We go above and beyond the call of duty to offer the best support possible in the industry. For the past 8 years, it is impressive to see the amount of growth Spinnaker Support has experienced while maintaining industry leading support to its clients. This award validates all that we do and makes me even more grateful to be a part of this team – and to have experienced it from the very beginning. Here’s to 8 more years.

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