June 21, 2017

And Why We Were Named One of the Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers

June 21, 2017 | Karen Blazek | Director, Product Marketing

At the end of 2016, Spinnaker Support was recognized as one of the 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers by CIOReview. CIOReview aims to give the readers insight on major Oracle solution and service providers that have demonstrated strong capabilities in helping organizations navigate this complex, yet promising landscape. Our Oracle JD Edwards support practice is where we started, and since 2008 we have continued to build one of the most unique and respected JD Edward service units in the industry. From the article in CIOReview, Bob Harland, VP of Oracle Global Support Services is quoted:

“Spinnaker Support’s model and approach from the beginning were set up to provide a high ROI blend of services while ensuring that we always protect the intellectual property of the customer and the software vendor.”

So, what are the top questions prospects always ask about our JD Edwards third-party support? And why you need to hear the answers to determine that third-party support is right for you!

1. How can Spinnaker Support contract support for an average of 62% less than Oracle support?

Large vendors like Oracle charge highly inflated support fees that gain them 90+% profit margins over the cost to support JD Edwards customers. Oracle utilizes these profits to fund new research and development.  Your JD Edwards support dollars could be allocated for innovation not even driven for the JD Edwards products, i.e. Fusion and Cloud. Spinnaker Support is a service delivery company that doesn’t require the same huge profits from their support agreements since we deliver a service and are not funding future software products. On top of that, Spinnaker Support gives customers concessions for their unused products and licenses to further drive down costs.

2. Will Oracle allow us to come back on support when ready? Will Oracle charge us hefty fines and penalties that would outweigh our savings?

Spinnaker Support is unaware of any customer that was EVER charged back fees or penalties after being off support for more than 2 years. Oracle’s typical practice will be to ‘re-license’ the JD Edwards software to customers and treat them as a net new sale. Oracle isn’t going to turn down new sales and revenue. We have several customers that have gone back to Oracle after years of support with Spinnaker Support and/or have bought additional products/licenses when they are off maintenance with Oracle.

3. How will I get access to security updates or required critical fixes?

Spinnaker Support has access to the same public vulnerability databases as Oracle, SAP, and other vendors, and we use these databases to drive our security alerting process. Our legal team of experts is constantly monitoring and accessing the very same security vulnerability information.  Our customers typically receive their security patches or critical fixes quicker than you have experienced with Oracle. Click here to access our Third-Party Support and Information Security White Paper.

4. Will I lose my entitlement to upgrade? Or access to available patches?

Yes, if Oracle delivers a new major release after E1 9.2 or World A9.4, you would not have access to download that future release as long as you’re off Oracle support. However, as of today, you have access to all currently published updates and releases available on the Update Center or Software Delivery Cloud. As part of the Spinnaker Support Onboarding process, our experts create a searchable archive of your company’s licensed, uninstalled upgrades, patches, and related materials in case you wish to deploy them in the future, while always protecting Oracle’s intellectual property rights.

5. How do I take advantage of new technology and IT initiatives required by the business if no longer under Oracle Support?

Utilize our managed services or consultative services – over 40% of our customers use a blend of our service offerings. We are currently upgrading a long-time JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer from 9.0 to 9.2 and implementing IoT and E1 Pages for their end users. Spinnaker Support will help you evaluate the enhancements that are important to your business, then deploy and test them so you stay ‘code current’ and ahead of your competition.

“We triage the situation and un-blur the line between level three and level four, taking ownership of the problems until resolution,” states Mark Kreutz, VP of Global JD Edwards Support Services.

6. How will I be able to replace all the knowledge and white papers that will no longer be available to me on My Oracle Support?

Spinnaker Support offers advisory services as part of your regular support fee. With one quick phone call, you can speak directly to a support expert, technical expert, or even a developer to advise on strategic projects or just simple process improvements. You will be transitioning to a concierge support model and will no longer be pushed to a self-service only model operated by Oracle.

These answers are why a distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, VCs, analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview selected us to be among the 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers. Contact us today to join the over 400 JD Edwards customers who have benefited by gaining higher quality support while saving an average of 62% compared to Oracle-provided maintenance!

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