November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017 | Karen Blazek | Director, Product Marketing

The impact of changes in the diverse layers of any technology stack can ripple across ERP applications. Ensuring that our clients’ enterprise applications run at peak performance – today and in the future – requires consistent commitment and expertise to manage issues related to interoperability. In the context of SAP and Oracle enterprise applications, interoperability addresses the exchange of information between applications, databases, and other computer systems. Seamless sharing of information is possible, but requires constant attention

To attain or retain market leadership, enterprises are demanding cost-effective solutions that transform their IT infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring core solutions remain optimized. The pressure is on for organizations to deliver innovative features and functionality such as mobile, social media, enhanced user experiences, big data, and IoT capabilities, yet still maintain and support existing core enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle. How can you innovate and mitigate risk at the same time?

Full Stack Oracle and SAP Support with a Keen Eye on Lasting Interoperability

Spinnaker Support ensures that client systems adhere to published industry standards and can leverage industry standardized tools and services that maintain a system’s ability to interoperate at the application, database, and server layer “on the fly.” Our software engineering experts assure that client applications run at peak performance, now and into the future. We help them fully optimize their existing software investments in multiple ways, including superior application support that is integrated with the unbiased technology stack guidance required to more smoothly and efficiently accelerate innovation. Nearly 1,000 clients appreciate our comprehensive, responsive full stack support as they journey from on premise to hybrid to cloud.

Spinnaker Support’s software technology engineers are helping clients in over 100 countries respond to ever-changing and dynamic IT environments. As part of Spinnaker Support’s standard support contract, we encourage our clients to log interoperability-related concerns. Our team of experts collaborate with their internal IT staff to troubleshoot and resolve interoperability issues concerning enterprise applications, the API layer, and any surrounding third-party applications or interfaces. Whether resolving critical issues or providing advice, Spinnaker Support considers all aspects of the application stack, including all customizations.

Spinnaker Support’s interoperability service enables clients to avoid costly technology upgrades and to extend the life span of their IT infrastructure.

  • We understand your applications and know the surrounding technology requirements, i.e., operating systems, databases, browsers, and interfaces.
  • We have extensive experience regarding a wide range of surrounding technologies and understand how rapidly things can change over time. Our support and technology guidance helps clients navigate change.
  • We understand why our clients want or need to innovate and help them jump start or accelerate the best solutions.
  • We have assisted in driving successful implementations, upgrades, and migrations for our clients so they utilized the latest technology against their existing landscape.

Case Study: Simplifying Innovation

CSS Industries, a designer, maker, and distributor of seasonal and everyday decorative products, selected Spinnaker Support for maintenance, application and technical managed services, and consulting services. CSS is a prime example of a Oracle customer that is expanding their IT footprint leveraging two or more of Spinnaker Support’s primary service offerings. Under a standard maintenance contract, Spinnaker Support advised and supported a CSS operating system upgrade. Then, to advance CSS’s technology into the digital arena, Spinnaker Support developed, tested, and implemented an innovative mobile solution that was compatible with the current enterprise application environment.  CSS Industries now has Oracle running on iPads for their employees across their network of offices and manufacturing locations.

Case Study: A Hybrid Approach to Interoperability

Another case study regards a major worldwide manufacturer and marketer of consumer goods and professional products who wanted to retain their existing applications, yet gain better integration points between multiple ERP systems. This client needed to run these applications on the latest operating system platforms while maintaining availability, supportability, and security fixes. Spinnaker Support designed, tested, and implemented an effective solution: (1) Install application servers on the latest Windows version; (2) Transition the SPARC Solaris Oracle database to Linux Intel Oracle; (3) Build a middleware system to integrate applications using Web Services and SOAP messages.

So Much More than Interoperability

Spinnaker Support is a world leader of third-party Oracle and SAP support, delivering best-in-class service for considerable savings on annual support fees. Our comprehensive standard third-party support offering includes extensive technology services that help ensure the longer-term performance of the clients’ business-critical software applications. These value-add services include application and technology full stack support spanning:

  • Interoperability
  • Virtualisation
  • Cloud Integration and Migration
  • Security and Vulnerability
  • Global Tax, Regulatory, and Compliance Support

For more information on Spinnaker Support’s technology advisory services, contact us today.

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