August 5, 2019

August 5, 2019

As the end-of-September deadline for renewing SAP support draws ever closer, you’ve likely been holding vital discussions regarding your 2020 strategy and budget.

Where can you cut unnecessary expenses? How can you afford new hires or support initiatives like enhanced security or cloud migration? Are your current SAP products meeting your requirements and is SAP’s Support prompt, personal, and a value-add to your IT budget?

If you hesitate to answer that last question, then now is the time to seriously consider the alternative of third-party SAP support.

What would next year be like under third-party support?

With every annual renewal, SAP increases your support costs by 2-4%. In comparison, third-party support with Spinnaker Support immediately cuts your SAP Support fees by an average of 62%.

But it isn’t just about cost savings. Spinnaker Support also provides a more responsive and comprehensive service. To catch a glimpse of what support should be like, read on as we transport you to an alternate timeline – one in which you have committed to Spinnaker Support.

September-December: Transitioning to Spinnaker

From the moment you sign on, we initiate the onboarding process to help you smoothly transition to Spinnaker Support. We introduce you to our methodology, help you understand the model, and present the team that will support your SAP landscape. Activities include:


As the new year begins, your transition to Spinnaker Support is complete. From this point onward, your applications are fully supported by your ASL and the extended Spinnaker Support SAP team.


During the remainder of the year, third-party support operates like your former SAP Support, albeit with far faster response times and coverage for a wider variety of support issues and needs. Your assigned engineers become familiar voices and faces, working closely with you as a natural extension of your in-house team.

Summary – What Your Year Won’t Be like under Spinnaker Support

Poof! Now you’re back in the real timeline, the one where you’re still yoked to SAP Support. But you now have a different perspective.

Compared to the standard SAP Support, you’ve learned that switching to Spinnaker Support means:

  • No more time-consuming self-service searches on a support portal
  • No longer waiting unreasonable amounts of time for support responses
  • Not having to describe your environment over and over to a random rotation of junior engineers
  • Customized service and information for your unique SAP applications and technical environment
  • You have more funds to redirect to other projects

Ready for additional detail?

Download our paper “The Third-Party Software Support Customer Experience” or contact us directly to start a conversation that will transform your support experience.

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