December 10, 2020

December 10, 2020 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing

We all know skeptics. Unlike cynics, those vocal critics who are suspicious of just about everything, skeptics are your family, friends, or fellow employees who refuse to take everything at face value. These individuals want facts, expertise, and sources of information they can believe and trust.  

In business, it’s natural to question new ideas and processes, especially when you’re uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. Cynics are uninterested in answers. Skeptics express their reservations but also remain open to explanations that run counter to their positions. Which would you rather work with? 

Introducing our “Skeptic’s Guide” 

Here at Spinnaker Support, we often speak with skeptics of third-party support. After all, it’s very different from Oracle’s traditional support model. Our most productive conversations with prospective customers often begin with their healthy dose of skepticism, which is why we appreciate them. Questioning the fundamentals drives a more open discussion and eventually leads to more informed and satisfied customers. 

But not everyone has the time or desire for a lengthy initial conversation. With all that in mind, we created our new resource, “The Skeptic’s Guide to Oracle Third-Party Support.” This guide addresses 15 of the most frequently-asked questions – ones that you may have as well. These include: 

  • Is third-party support legal and accepted by the market and Oracle? 
  • Who can provide better support than the publisher who wrote the software? 
  • How can you provide support if you’re not in my country? 
  • Won’t our productivity suffer if we can’t access My Oracle Support? 
  • If you can’t offer security patches, how can you protect my applications? 
  • How do you handle customizations? 
  • Won’t my Oracle relationship suffer if I leave Oracle Support? 

Throughout the guide, we offer recommendations and links to other materials that can help you determine if third-party Oracle support is a good fit for your organization. 

Are You a Skeptic? 

Skeptics Guide to Oracle Support

Skeptics are direct people who want direct answers, so this guide presents straightforward, honest, and fact-based explanations. If you’re a skeptic of third-party Oracle supportthen this guide is for you. If you’re not one yourself but have one or more on your team, then this guide can be a powerful tool to help you to win them over.  

Download the Skeptics Guide Today

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