June 2, 2021

Oracle EBS, short for Oracle E-Business Suite, is an integrated set of applications that facilitate business processes from customer experience management to procurement and more. The solution suite, which launched in 2007, serves to automate and expedite business processes.  Oracle ESB is particularly beneficial to medium to large highly networked companies.  In the current economic climate, efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and automation are key targets to prioritize.

Oracle EBS On-Prem vs Cloud

Oracle EBS is available as both an on-premise application suite or a cloud based solution. Oracle is highly invested in the cloud-based infrastructure options and has optimized EBS to this purpose.  On-prem deployments have their place among consumers as this has been around for many years now.  The cloud deployments, however, are less expensive to maintain and are more scalable and agile.  For most Oracle customers, the cloud deployment option makes the most sense.  It allows remote access to unified data, bringing the business solution to the edge. Not to mention that the cloud infrastructure is automated and scalable.  For large-scale global companies in particular, the benefits of the cloud are a huge draw. Oracle is dedicated to cloud security, therefore consumers can rest assured that Oracle ERP Cloud Edition is equipped with robust security.

Annual Updates and Continuous Innovation

Annual functionality updates are released yearly based on both their continuous innovation roadmap and customer feedback.  The suite is currently in version 12.2.10 of its lifecycle.  The continuous innovation model is an exciting feature of the Oracle suite.  It allows for functional updates and developments with less interruption to business practices than major upgrades would require.  Technical upgrades are separated from the functional stack updates, which allows for functional changes to be applied without interruption, unlike previous major upgrades.


Oracle EBS has over 50 applications to facilitate business processes across industries.  Separately licensed applications allow customization of packages for the most efficient and cost-effective solution per client.  The applications fall into three major product lines: ERP, SCM, and CRM.  These further cater to resource planning, supply chain management, and customer development.  Moreover, Oracle EBS reporting is embedded with BI and analytics to provide innovative insights from diversified data sources.  The more specific product offerings are in the following categories:

  • Order Management
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Service
  • Financials
  • Human Capital Management

Implementing and Upgrading EBS Products

Depending on your deployment strategy, implementations and upgrades may be more or less intensive.  Oracle and its partners are dedicated to supporting and easing the transition with emphasis on cloud deployments.   Their support program known as ‘Oracle Soar‘ helps customers not only transition to the cloud but also take advantage of its benefits.  Regular updates are automated and hassle free in the cloud deployments as well.  For on-prem deployments, more care will be needed to design and implement an update strategy to keep the EBS suite up to date on functional innovations.  Additionally, in January 2022, any Oracle EBS clients below version 12.2 will be transitioned to Oracle Sustaining Support.  This means that no new upgrades, fixes, or patches will be developed.  It is recommended that any clients currently utilizing older EBS solutions should consider updating before this time.

Oracle EBS is a cloud-focused, integrated application suite that can significantly improve business processes and lower costs. AI and smart suggestions can provide innovative insight while process focused applications can streamline resources and facilitate cost management strategies to improve performance and profit margins. If you are a current or potential Oracle client, consider the benefits of EBS for an integrated management system.

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