December 6, 2021

John Lange, Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Once you plunge into Salesforce, you’ll likely need to add new features, install updates, increase user adoption, justify the ROI, integrate systems, and launch new clouds.

Wow, that seems like a lot… and it is!

Salesforce does a great job serving up new ways to improve your company’s workflows, to create business transparency, and to engage with customers. However, research indicates that most companies do a poor job of taking advantage of the extended Salesforce ecosystem.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • “What’s it going take to make my Salesforce platform shine?”
  • “How do I get the best return on my software investment?”
  • “What are the main Salesforce challenges I need to prepare for?”

To answer these important questions, we created a new (and fun!) guide that quickly reviews the six obstacles you’ll likely experience along your Salesforce journey. And present the essential recommendations to overcome those obstacles. Whether you’re a Salesforce newbie or seasoned veteran, this guide has something in it for you.

We review these six obstacles, which will sound familiar to you, regardless of your experience level:

  1. Post implementation issues
  2. The dreaded service void
  3. ROI and adoption concerns
  4. Staffing shortages
  5. Seasonal releases
  6. Integrations and implementations

Bonus: At the end of the graphic, take a quick quiz to assess where you are at in your own Salesforce journey.

6 Obstacles To Overcome

To learn more about how we help businesses have a remarkable Salesforce experience, check out our managed services offerings.

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