Published in “Digital Transformation” supplement distributed by The Times on 25 July 2019

IT professionals are deploying third-party Oracle and SAP support to help fund digital transformations, accelerate innovation and assist with the migration to, and support of, new cloud-based systems

For business owners and C-suite executives, digital transformation means far more than system integration or migration. It’s achieving an enterprise-wide state where connected functions accelerate business activities, processes and competencies in agile and innovative ways. The transformation is driven by its promise to power revenue growth, improve the customer experience and outpace the competition.

Digital transformation is by no means easy, as proven by recent high-profile failures at recognised and respected companies. The hype of digital transformation from consultants and software publishers can mislead when it focuses only on the desired end-state and minimises the true amount of effort, resources and budget required to reach that state.

Make no mistake, migrating from stable, highly customised, on-premise systems to cloud systems will always be time intensive, expensive and functionally incomplete.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, you do have options such as third-party software support that can address these challenges and improve the odds of success.

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