July 10, 2015

July, 10 2015 | Lee Mashburn | Vice President, Marketing

Third-party software support is being adopted by a growing number of organizations to replace support provided by large enterprise software giants SAP and Oracle. The market is now growing at a rate of approximately 40% per year as many organizations around the world are currently leveraging third-parties to cut support spend by 50+% and to often restore high quality service – while in no way impeding their future landscape.

Not all third-party support vendors are created equally. Increasingly more Oracle and SAP users find Spinnaker Support to be refreshingly different. Here’s why:

Since inception, Spinnaker Support has delivered world-class support for over 400 customers.

Spinnaker Support respects the intellectual property rights of SAP and Oracle, and has adopted and implemented a stringent intellectual property policy to ensure that we do not violate the rights of others.  All of our employees are required to sign and adhere to this policy to avoid unauthorized use of any third-party software code and copyrighted materials.

Spinnaker Support customers rave about our performance, honesty, and integrity.

They see us as a higher authority when it comes to most things SAP or Oracle. Our seasoned software engineers find and solve a broader array of customer issues faster and are regarded as a true extension of the team. Our customers stay with us at a 90+% retention rate, score us above 98% in satisfaction surveys, and are among the most referenceable communities in the industry. Because of the risk exposure that we do not interject, our customers can sleep better at night.

Spinnaker Support has built a business with staying power, not one for short-term exit – that will continue to scale to provide new customers with a safe, legitimate, and relevant harbor.

Our bottom line growth is just as important as our top line growth. We have been profitable every quarter in existence. We hold over 60% of deferred revenues in cash, reserved to fulfill customer service obligations. Our culture, approach, consistent execution, and high employee retention rate ensure a stable, uninterrupted service experience for our customers.

Spinnaker Support is one of only two recognized “pure play” vendors providing third-party support for Oracle and SAP enterprise software.

The second pure play provider, Rimini Street, will soon be pitted in court versus Oracle to defend against charges for alleged copyright infringement, computer fraud, and related business torts. Oracle just announced they will seek at least $200 million in damages plus an injunction on Rimini Street’s current business model. The U.S. District Court in Las Vegas dismissed Rimini Street’s counterclaims against Oracle alleging “defamation and unfair competition” last August agreeing with Oracle that Rimini had engaged in “massive theft” of Oracle intellectual property.

Spinnaker Support is the only pure play third-party support vendor that delivers SAP and Oracle software support the right way. We always have and we always will!


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