August 14, 2017

Surety Systems, a consulting company specializing in JD Edwards, recently released results from their annual survey across the JDE community. The 2017 JD Edwards Technology Survey was developed as an unbiased benchmark measurement, as well as a way for the larger JDE community to compare their thoughts and experiences with others. The survey reports on the input of over 440 JD Edwards users collected in March 2017.

As an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in JDE support, I look forward to this survey every year. The 2017 results did not disappoint, and I included some of the most thought-provoking insights below.

  • JD Edwards is still the solution of choice for manufacturing-based companies.
  • EnterpriseOne adoption continues to expand, while World’s usage is decreasing rapidly
  • 70% of companies are using cloud in some way, but low numbers for Oracle Cloud adoption
  • 89% of JD Edwards customers are still very uncertain about their cloud strategy for the next 2-3 years
  • 24% of JD Edwards customers implemented a form of Internet of Things (IoT) technology

Surprising Results from Surety Systems’ Annual Survey

2017 has been an exciting, but an uncertain year for JD Edwards customers. Much of Oracle’s focus was on Cloud sales, and they removed the next major JD Edwards release from their strategic roadmap. JD Edwards E1 customers have followed Oracle’s ‘code current’ objectives with close to 70% of the customer base on 9.1 or 9.2. E1 is still growing and the number of customers upgrading to 9.2 year over year continues to climb. More than half of E1 customers have a future upgrade planned in the next 12-18 months.

While 2017 is proving to be interesting, a few surprising survey results also reveal a level of uncertainty in some JDE customers.

JDE World Usage Is Declining

While E1 adoption continues to expand, the JD Edwards World customer base, however, is still sitting at 50% on A9.3 or A9.4. Surprisingly, less than 10% of the JD Edwards customer base is on the latest release of World. Oracle is only providing group software updates on A9.4, which is also the only release where the majority of the legislative/regulatory updates are made available. Proving that the value add for World customers has significantly diminished, and I question how many more years they will remain loyal customers. Also, with uncertainty for future roadmap plans for JD Edwards E1, World customers are now questioning their long-term investment opportunity in funding a World to E1 migration.

E1 Customers Are Not Taking Advantage of IoT & Mobile Solutions

Oracle maintenance dollars are targeted toward new mobile and technology enhancements rather than toward application functionality.  However, of the E1 customers who have worked so hard to stay ‘code current’ with the latest application and tools releases, less than 11% took advantage of mobile solutions, and only 24% implemented IoT functionality.

JDE World Customers Are Considering Other Options

More surprisingly, World customers are strongly considering other options for their enterprise software solutions. Based on Surety’s 2011 survey responses, 58% of World customers planned to stay on World. Now, just 19% plan to stay on World.

Inside the Mind of a JDE Customer

After 20 years on the support side of JD Edwards and regurgitating the Oracle message, the survey results back up why change is inevitable. Now that I have transitioned into a new role at Spinnaker Support, I look at things in a new way and really see the value that a third-party software support provider can provide. JD Edwards customers need to stop funding Oracle’s Cloud development and invest their funds into a company that still supports and values the strength of the JD Edwards products.

The 2017 survey results left me with a few burning questions.

Why Are JDE Customers Paying for Solutions They Don’t Use?

As mentioned earlier, only 11% of E1 customers took advantage of its mobile solutions and less than a quarter of the customers are implementing its IoT technology. So why are customers essentially funding Oracle’s R&D in cloud and mobile solutions if they aren’t sure if or when they will adopt them, with no guarantee of a new E1 9.3 release?

Are World Customers Educated on Alternative Support Options?

The Surety Survey reported that just 19% of World customers plan to stay. So what ERP solutions are World customers planning to adopt instead? Do they know that third-party companies like Spinnaker can provide reduced-cost maintenance, managed services, and consulting for all releases and customizations all under one umbrella?

Do JDE Customers Know Third-Party Support Is Premier Level Service?

Spinnaker Support is founded by people like me; field experts with years of experience who strongly believe in the third-party maintenance model. We are well versed in everything from the oldest World solutions to the newest EnterpriseOne technology transformation. The biggest difference between JDE and a third-party maintenance provider like Spinnaker is the support fees.

Spinnaker Support Third Party Software Solutions

JD Edwards is one of the most valuable solutions in the market for mid-sized companies; especially heavy manufacturing based customers. But today’s customers want enhancements to improve its core functionality, not the enhancements now being delivered under Oracle’s concept of continuous delivery. This is just one of the reasons that I believe so strongly in Spinnaker Support.

Hundreds of JD Edwards customers are expanding their footprint and saving money by implementing new integrations and customized solutions delivered by Spinnaker Support. For example, Flatiron Construction utilizes our full-service offering for support, managed services, and onsite consulting.

“No question that we made the right choice to move to third-party support and partnering with Spinnaker Support. We now have expertise across all JDE modules that would have required hiring multiple FTEs, and it allowed us to reinvest our cost savings into process improvements and significantly improved operational efficiencies with immediate ROI.”

  • Michael Arrington – IT Director, Flatiron Construction

Spinnaker Support can help your business more fully leverage your JD Edwards advanced features and functionality at a significantly reduced rate. Learn more about our JD Edwards third-party software support solutions, or contact me for a consultative discussion!

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