November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018 | Bijesh Lamsal, Mark Mehleck, Dale Wade, Lili Widjaja – JD Edwards Team

As 2018 approaches its final months, the end of the year brings us a calendar full of events, holiday activities, and the once a year requirement of year-end processing for financial and HCM departments alike. The year-end requirements placed on ERP systems and the support delivered for those systems can be challenging, confusing, and cumbersome. It’s this very time of year that allows Spinnaker Support to shine above other software support vendors. We offer comprehensive and personalized JD Edwards year-end support for 1099, W2 and T4 processing for our JD Edwards customers.

Spinnaker Support personalizes the year-end tax process for each client to deliver timely, accurate updates. It is tedious and time-consuming for organizations to keep up with demanding tax and regulatory tasks as governing authorities implement changes each year, and many come just a few months before the deadlines imposed by those governing authorities.

The Spinnaker Support tax and regulatory solution provides:

  • A standardized, repeatable process to deliver tax and regulatory changes annually.
  • Personalized net change documentation and test scripts for each client.
  • Implementation code changes specific to each client’s software version.
  • Quality assurance testing for all changes.
  • Comprehensive follow-up and support for all changes and begin to end process support.
  • Full support regardless of application release level and/or method of delivery.

Spinnaker Support will provide updates and full support to each client regardless of product version and third-party form packages or forms processed via BI Publisher templates.

The JD Edwards support team at Spinnaker Support has the most combined experience in the industry and below are real examples of their unmatched support for their assigned client’s.

Spinnaker Support JD Edwards Year-End Differentiators

Each year the Spinnaker Support Global Tax and Regulatory team of experts works individually with our customers to determine their US year-end requirements and provide any updates on the Global tax requirement landscape based on the states and countries where they actively conduct business. This personalized service is delivered promptly, and all deployment and testing requirements are completed well in advance of government deadlines, almost always beating the big vendors one size fits all software update.

For example, during the 2017 year-end delivery and testing phase, one of Spinnaker Support’s customers in the construction industry running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 ran into a critical issue in Oracle’s provided W2 year-end update. This customer was still under Oracle support in a transitional period of moving to third-party support and had already installed the 2017 W2 ESU provided by the vendor. After a submitted state specific EFW2 failed on the date of the deadline and getting no response from Oracle, the company called Spinnaker Support for help. The customer was able to connect directly with a developer to apply the necessary code changes that very day and resubmit the file without facing a late penalty.

Time and Cost Savings with BI Publisher Year-End Templates

If JD Edwards customers are on EnterpriseOne 9.1 and higher or JD Edwards World A9.3.1 and higher, Spinnaker Support offers BI Publisher template design updates as part of standard support. Customers will no longer need the added expense of purchasing pre-printed year-end forms or relying on third-party forms packages. Updates required to reflect IRS changes are simply done in the BI Publisher template instead of altering actual JD Edwards code. Additionally, any space adjustments are also done in the template saving hours of time coding and deploying required modifications.

2018 Year-End Legislative Changes

Every year Spinnaker Support works with each customer to gather their unique JD Edwards year-end requirements and determine what if any changes will be applicable based on the IRS legislative changes for that tax year. Spinnaker Support’s delivery model typically allows us to provide our year-end documentation and updates months ahead of Oracle. We also apply all the required updates directly in the customer’s development environment for them and run extensive QA testing on any program changes. This alleviates any requirement to have deployment or programming skills in-house and also alleviating all testing hours associated with annual year-end updates.

 1099 2018 Legislative Changes as of October 26, 2018

  • 1099s-MISC:

For customers that use BI Publisher to product their 1099 Forms, the verbiage in the tax identification number box has changed on the 1099-Misc Form.

Prior Year 2018 Tax Year
PAYER’S federal tax identification number PAYER’S TIN
RECIPIENT’S identification number RECIPIENT’S TIN


BI Publisher templates for 1099-MISC must be updated to reflect this change. This change will not affect electronic filing requirements.

  • 1099-DIV:

A new box 5 has been added to the 1099-DIV Form in Section 199A Dividends. The previous year box 5 (investment expenses) have been moved to box 6. This change will be reflected on forms and in electronic filings.

W2 2018 Legislative Changes as of October 26, 2018

  • New box 12 Code GG money field, Income from Qualified Equity Grants Under Section 83(i) has been added to the:
RO Employee Record Position 122 -132
RU Total Record Position 160 -174


  • New Box 12 Code HH money field, Aggregate Deferrals Under Section 83(i) Elections as of the Close of the Calendar Year, has been added:
RO (Employee Optional) Record  Position 133 – 143
RU (Total Optional) Record  Positions 175 – 189


W2C 2018 Legislative Changes as of October 26, 2018

  • New Box 12 Code GG money field, Originally Reported and Correct Income from Qualified Equity Grants Under Section 83(i), has been added:
RCO (Employee Optional) Record Positions 233 – 243, 244-254
RCU (Total Optional) Record Positions 311 – 325, 326 – 340


  • New Box 12 Code HH money field, Originally Reported and Correct Aggregate Deferrals Under Section 83(i) Elections as of the Close of the Calendar Year, has been added:
RCO (Employee Optional) Record Positions 255 – 265, 266 – 276
RCU (Total Optional) Record Positions 341 – 355, 356 – 370


State W2 Legislative Changes as of October 26, 2018

  • Pennsylvania has changed their position on how employers report to the state. Whereas they have followed the Federal format in the past, this year they chose to deviate from the Federal format for the RS and RV record types. Spinnaker Support has identified and made these changes.
  • Missouri modified the RS and RV records in 2017. In 2018, the RV record needs to be modified again, and RS record returns to SSA format. Spinnaker Support has identified and made these changes.

There is still time to Contact Us to discuss your JD Edwards year-end needs.

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