February 26, 2019

February 26, 2019 | Karen Blazek | Director, Customer Success

You never forget a positive “defining moment.” That sudden realization that you made the right decision, that you’re headed in the right direction for success. It brings welcome clarity and confidence to you and your organization. At Spinnaker Support, our JD Edwards support customers share these “a-ha moments” again and again, telling us how they shifted their mindset and suddenly “got” just how much they appreciated third-party vendor support.

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Three Examples from Spinnaker Support’s JD Edwards Support Customers


Defining Moment: Realizing you already have the best ERP functionality and support.

Following a merger, a global home entertainment company who ran JD Edwards applications for over a decade was challenged with migrating to a different ERP application platform. Even though it was out of scope from their Spinnaker Support maintenance agreement, the Assigned Support Lead (ASL) and dedicated team from Spinnaker Support worked countless hours to ensure the customer’s data and systems were ready to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics.

As they neared the go-live cutover date, a decision was made to terminate the migration project and remain on JD Edwards indefinitely. The customer realized that the required functionality in Dynamics was lacking, and they would not receive sufficient application support from the new vendor. The customer’s “a-ha moment” hit home after they realized that the new vendor would in no way match the high standard set by Spinnaker Support’s delivery processes and personnel.

Defining Moment: Realizing that interoperability is covered with Spinnaker Support.

After only a few short months transitioning to Spinnaker Support from Oracle, a global building materials and construction company experienced their “a-ha moment.” An internal change in leadership required the company to change the auto signature on all accounts payable checks generated out of JD Edwards. The process and integration had been in place and running seamlessly for years, but no one internally had any knowledge or documentation of the third-party check printing software.

Spinnaker Support’s technology team quickly determined where the Forms program was being used and how the functionality integrated into the JD Edwards output queue. To resolve the issue, Spinnaker Support collaborated with two separate software companies that had been integrated with JD Edwards financials. Within days of logging the initial ticket, the signature was updated and thoroughly documented for future reference.

Defining Moment: Realizing the depth of experience with Spinnaker Support.

A large medical office corporation specializing in chiropractic treatments and wellness programs had been a JD Edwards customer for many years under Oracle. Their “a-ha moment” occurred when the internal IT team was unable to resolve a web exception error across their application servers. The Spinnaker Support dedicated team immediately collaborated across their assigned application lead, technical lead, and a developer to troubleshoot the web exception errors. For the company to have direct access to a JD Edwards developer within 24 hours, made all the difference. Having one team that spans applications, technology, and development all working together led to a speedy issue resolution.

Spinnaker Support’s Driving Principles of JD Edwards Support

Such defining moments are common in our business because of our deep understanding of JD Edwards solutions and our principled, ISO 9001:2015-defined approach to providing support. For example:

  • Every ticket you file goes directly to the Spinnaker Support engineers assigned to your account team. You know them by name—they’ve worked with your account throughout its lifecycle. They’ve come to understand your Oracle environment intimately. They start working your tickets within minutes of receipt.
  • You are always supported by Senior Support Engineers averaging 15+ years of experience. As a customer, your touchpoint will be with someone who has worked with many combinations of JD Edwards and Oracle applications and technology stacks. Our experience allows us to analyze and resolve tickets faster, even for issues in your custom code and integrations.
  • You have more value-add opportunities because you are cared for by an excellent support team. It frees up money, time, and resources across your organization. Your in-house resources’ time is now more readily available to innovate, expand, and drive higher returns on your IT investment.

Support Should Actually Be Supportive

Spinnaker Support understands that organizations running JD Edwards don’t always want to upgrade or align with Oracle’s continuous innovation updates. This doesn’t mean you want to abandon the long-term strategic initiatives that led you to JD Edwards in the beginning. Third-party support is a whole new way to think about support. Spinnaker Support believes that JD Edwards support should be:

  1. Responsive and personal,
  2. Directly connected to your organization,
  3. Aligned with your strategic roadmap,
  4. Enhancing opportunities presented by your ERP systems, and
  5. Driving your business forward.

Third-party support enables customers to drop self-service support models, expect enhanced service, and significantly reduce annual support fees to fund other strategic initiatives.

What could your defining moment be? Learn more about our JD Edwards support services.

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