February 24, 2020

The IDC has predicted that global spending on public cloud services will double over the next five years, growing from $229 billion in 2019 to nearly $500 billion by 2023. In fact, the number of enterprise-level organizations that have migrated to the Cloud over the last few years has skyrocketed – and for good reason. A McAfee report determined that 87% of companies have accelerated their businesses from using cloud services and 52% have better security.

Now, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) are following suit and discovering the many benefits associated with the Cloud – specifically the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud offering. Owning almost half of the world’s public cloud infrastructure market at 47.8%, Amazon is the clear market leader in this space. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered, pay-as-you-go basis.

Spinnaker Support is a Select Partner within the Amazon Partner Network, which is comprised of certified business and technical consultants who help clients design, build, migrate and manage their production workloads and application software on AWS.

Here are some of the top reasons that businesses like yours may want to consider AWS.

Reduce overhead costs.

Typically, the largest expenditure that traditional IT departments face is the installation, configuration and maintenance of on-premise servers. This hardware, as well as the labor required to maintain it, can be a significant burden to SMB’s. AWS’s pay-as-you-go model replaces this expense and frees up your staff to focus on your core competencies.

According to AWS, migrating to their cloud services saves their clients an average 31% in infrastructure costs and increases their IT staff’s productivity by 62%.

Increase speed and agility.

Unlike traditional on-premise servers, the AWS Cloud has no limits on computing power and can immediately upgrade according to need. This means that businesses can develop and launch new applications faster than ever before, fueling innovation. A recent Verizon study found that 77% of businesses feel cloud technology gives them a competitive advantage.

On-demand scalability.

Cloud computing gives you the ability to rapidly scale your compute and storage requirements to meet business demands. This prevents you from paying for too much power or storage when you don’t need it or trying to quickly increase capacity (or overloading your servers) when you do. Through the AWS model, you can better control costs, scaling up or down to meet fluctuations in demand.

Easier access and collaboration.

AWS Cloud gives your employees 24/7/365 access to your business systems and information from anywhere, which is vital for an increasingly mobile and remote workforce. Additionally, it improves collaboration by offering team members the ability to easily create, edit, view, and share information securely.

Maximize security.

The Cloud provides enterprise-level security and data backups for businesses of any size, which is important to SMB’s that may not be able to afford this level of security on their own. With rapid data recovery, vast data centers around the globe and thousands of data security experts on staff, the AWS Cloud can greatly reduce or eliminate downtime, ensure disaster recovery, and prevent breaches that can impact your productivity, revenue and brand reputation.

Overall, migrating to the AWS Cloud can result in increased productivity and innovation, faster speed to market, greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately higher revenue.

“What’s exciting about the cloud-based migration and computing for SMB’s going forward”, according to Carlos Colon, DBA Manager of Dobler Consulting (now Spinnaker Support), “is that the speed-of-innovation is now more than ever, directly related to the talent, skills, creativity, and organization of the team. My experience is this is where consultants provide the maximum value.”

You can trust Spinnaker to effectively leverage your data, systems and software assets for migration and integration with the AWS cloud-based platform. We’d love to show you the impact that AWS could have on your organization. Contact us to learn more.

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