July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020 | Shawn du Plessis | Vice President, SAP Global Support Services

For over a decade, Spinnaker Support has offered a unique blend of third-party support, managed services, and project-based consulting. The customer advantage: they can request the custom services they need, exactly when they need them, from a single provider. Those services can range from support for customizations, fixes for interoperability issues, automated application monitoring, and even migration assistance. 

With our depth of expertise, our challenge has never been CAN we help a customer. Instead, it’s how we can best communicate ALL that we do for enterprises with specific needs. That’s why one of my ambitions for 2020 has been to re-package our SAP managed services to emphasize our technical strengths and align with what our existing customers and the market demand. 

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve completed this rebranding. In place of a general SAP managed service offering, we now offer specific packages for SAP Basis Managed Services and SAP BI Managed Services. I’ll describe them in brief below. 

SAP Basis Managed Services 

The right SAP Basis managed services partner can work wonders for your team and your business. Spinnaker Support can fill gaps through automated SAP ecosystem monitoring, staff augmentation, migration planning and execution support, and development support for new functionality. We can also assume complete Basis administration and management to run your entire SAP landscape.  

We offer three SAP Basis managed service packages, each designed for specific Basis needs, SAP maturity level, in-house capabilities, IT and business roadmap, and budget. These packages include: 

  • Monitor & Advise – Combines automated SAP ecosystem monitoring with sound advice from experienced Basis administrators to help you better manage your own SAP environment. 
  • Monitor & Maintain – Includes automated SAP ecosystem monitoring plus direct, 24/7/365 access to assigned Basis administrators who supplement your in-house team. 
  • Total Basis Management – Spinnaker Support assumes primary responsibility for your Basis administration and management. 

SAP BI Managed Services 

Spinnaker Support’s SAP BI managed services offer ongoing, customized assistance with SAP’s business intelligence (BI) and reporting products. Many of our third-party support customers struggle with SAP business intelligence and reporting, and we’ve developed this specific package in response to user requests. 

As an SAP customer, you rely heavily on to transform raw data into insights and actions that advance your business. But if your enterprise is understaffed, strapped for time, or lacking advanced SAP reporting skills, then you can benefit from Spinnaker Support’s on-demand, expert SAP BI managed services. 

For SAP customers operating tools such as SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SAP BW on HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP Business Objects (BOBJ), Spinnaker Support’s global team performs general system support tasks, system monitoring, application monitoring, data management, performance improvements, and more – regardless of whether the product version remains covered by SAP Support.  

So – How Can We Help Your Organization? 

The ongoing health of your customized SAP solutions is largely in the hands of your SAP Basis team. Do you have the right in-house skills and resources to ensure that your SAP team can keep up with the speed of business? Are they able to monitor and proactively address performance issues? 

Spinnaker Support engineers average 19+ years of broad SAP experience, with knowledge that extends to over 125 SAP products, the entire technology stack, cloud platforms, and the various sources of reporting data. We deploy innovative monitoring tools and a global team to provide 24/7 managed services. I invite you to contact me and my team to see how we can help with your Basis and BI needs. 

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