October 29, 2020

October 27, 2020 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing 

2021 will be an interesting year for customers with Oracle on-premise applications. Many popular releases will move to Sustaining Support (or rarely to Market Driven Support), making for fewer product lines with more than a single, latest release. Sustaining Support usually means much higher fees for far less value than you had been receiving with Premier or Extended Support.  

Oracle updates its Lifetime Support Policies on a regular basis, and the Oracle product lists are extensive. As we close out 2020 (and who isn’t glad for that?), you should review your Oracle products and verify when your releases will no longer qualify for Oracle Premier Support or Extended Support.  

To help you find your answers more quickly, we’ve assembled the table below.  

Oracle Support Deadlines

Please note: 

  1. The following information on Oracle Support deadlines is accurate through the end of 2020. Oracle may change any or all of these dates in the future, so you should continue to verify the data on the Oracle Lifetime Support Policies—Resources page. 
  1. We have only listed the software versions for which support will expire in the future. Both Premier and Extended Support have expired for all earlier versions than those listed (e.g, Siebel CRM 7.8.x).  
  1. We have only listed the primary applications that we support. For all other Oracle products, please select the appropriate source link below. We support the application versions listed below and earlier. 

Don’t Let Oracle’s Deadline Catch You Unaware 

In the table above, if you see that your release will be switched to Oracle’s expensive and low value Sustaining Support soon, reach out to us to start a discussion of your options. If you cannot find your product release in the list above, then it likely has slipped into Sustaining Support, so it’s even more imperative that you contact us!  

We’re glad to answer all your questions and explain the benefits of our third-party Oracle support.   


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